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Who we are

"Global FinTech Academy (GFA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary and the training vertical of Inclusive Technology Hub (ITH), a global consulting and partnerships firm. In the rapidly evolving Technology world, it is important for a business professional, students and teachers to keep upskilling and learning new things that can impact their careers, businesses and lives. In our Workshops, Training and Courses we balance the Technical and Business aspects of FinTech so that as a non-tech professional you don't get lost deep in the tech part and neither you only get the generic global knowledge. We understand your business model, requirements, and use cases and then develop the content to suit your requirements. Our courses are developed by Business Consultants who work in the FinTech domain. So you get the best of the theory and market strategies that they develop during their practice. Our courses are pursued by 50,000 plus people in 181 countries in 50 languages. We are humbled by the appreciation we get from them. We deliver in-person customised workshops, and trainings, to meet your requirements. "If it's FinTech, learn from Us"

Business Oriented FinTech Courses & Workshops

If it's FinTech, Learn from Us
Workshop for Top Management

"In today's digital age, understanding FinTech is imperative. From blockchain to AI-driven analytics and digital banking, disruptive technologies are reshaping multiple industries at an unprecedented pace. Leaders must not only grasp these concepts but use them to drive growth and profitability."..

Training for Middle Management

"Designed for mid-level managers across industries, our training equips them with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to navigate the complex world of FinTech. Whether you're in banking, insurance, retail, or any other sector, we will empower you to do your work confidently."..

Batch Training for New Joiners

"Onboard fresh talent entering the fintech with confidence, our program provides a structured and immersive learning experience tailored to the needs of new joiners across various industries. If you're a corporate seeking to onboard a cohort of graduates or a professional reach out to us."..

Training for College Students and MDP

"We design courses, workshops and guest training for undergraduate and MBA students with the insights and expertise needed to excel in FinTech, our program offers an interactive learning experience for tomorrow's fintech leaders. Our program provides the perfect platform to learn FinTech."..

Training Content Development for Institutions

"We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing institutions in the digital age. Whether you're a financial institution, educational organization, or corporate entity, we provide the training content, tools, knowledge, skills, and strategies required in the FinTech domain,"..

Self Pace Online Courses on Udemy

"With our Udemy courses, you have the flexibility to pursue your learning on your terms, fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer eager to dive into fintech, our courses cater to learners of all levels."..

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Empowering global professionals, students, and educators to thrive in the dynamic FinTech landscape through tailored learning experiences that blend technical expertise with practical business insights.

Mission: To be the premier destination for FinTech education, offering workshops, training, and courses that bridge the gap between technology and business, guided by seasoned industry experts. We strive to personalize learning experiences, catering to diverse needs and their aspiration to grow and build.

What is Inclusive Technology Hub (ITH)?

Inclusive Technology Hub (ITH) is a Global Consulting firm in the Inclusive Technology and MSME digitalisation domain. We help institutions to Build and Scale their Businesses and Projects by leveraging technology across domains, through Consultancy, Partnerships, Training and Implementation services. We work with Corporates, MSMEs, NGOs, Multilaterals, Microfinance and other Institutions to help them "Understand, Enter, Build and Scale" their Inclusive Technology Businesses and Projects.

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Learn FinTech and its applications in Online and In-Person mode

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Workshop & Course Reviews
"Best course for enhancing resume. Easily understandable. Excellent" - Milly Sharma….

"Excellent match for me especially that I will be joining a fintech company that specializes in acquiring and issuance of digital banking processes" - Nazo Mhango….

"This is really awesome course to learn BNPL. i was in assumption only credit card issuer provide offers to merchant to increase sell. but this is really good business model where every party has their own share and also customer get smooth purchase journey as per his budget and plan." - Vaibhav Pande….

"I was so curious about Metaverse and NFTs.And this course gave me much more information than I expected.Now I know what I have to do next.Thank you for this great course." - Mehmet Hopa….

"Thank you for the course! It was very informative and well explained! The flow diagrams were very helpful as well." - Gretchen Khoury….